Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Awake! Story of my life...

Since I'm still awake...wouldn't it be appropriate to use this time wisely and add some more ear candy? I thought so... so let's start with a Dirty Electro Track by,

Mr. Groove ft. Dawn Joseph
Mr. Groove ft. Dawn Joseph - Sometimes Your Better Not Knowing (Dave Ramone vs Thomas Gold Remix)

Dirty w/Vocals

Came across this photo???

Girls who ride on the back of motorbikes are always crazy and
confident because they’re always having their clits stimulated...
nice matching top!! 



Deadmau5 Remix of Calvin Harris - I'm not alone... For you Kenny!!
Listen through its entirety... very well made!! Very smooth, sexy

Sax Bomb
Sax Bomb - Scotty Remix
DA BOMB!! BANGER!! Hard Electro

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Electrothriller said...

I really, really want that wallet!!! So my style errr...