Monday, March 29, 2010

The Robot's are coming!

The robots are coming, you can not hide, you will survive, when they cum inside...THE ROBOTS!! Alright enough of the humor... Well I came across some OLD videos from over 30yrs ago!! Yes 30yrs ago!! The music that was produced is amazing for this era. I think these people were way ahead of their time... enough said. Hope you watch these videos...I also added some disco, future and indie tunes to download.

Giorgio Moroder, the meng who made masterpiece music for Scarface & Midnight Express in the 70's!! This man is a living LEGEND!!

Night Drive Giorgio Moroder 

Getting too tired I will upload tracks later this afternoon :)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

The weekend is now over... Thank GOD!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a better week ahead. Lot of things happening this up coming week like David Guetta Djing in Chicago this Saturday. The WMC "Miami" will still be cleaning up from what I assume was a monster hit!!! But most importantly I will be praying for warm weather to return... now go download some tunes!

Well back to the music, here are some downloads to enjoy....

John Dahlback
Nice Electro, Up Beat
John Dahlback Feat. Elodie - Bingo (Radio Edit) DOWNLOAD HERE

Milk & Sugar 
House, Up Beat w/Vocals  
Let The Love (Take Over) feat. Ayak - Milk & Sugar Disco Reloaded Mix)

Luvstuff - Ziek Music - Lazy Rich Remix

Bingo Players
Bingo Players & Bodybangers - I Will Follow (Jack West Radio Mix)


Paul Harris
Groovy!!! Vocals, Up Beat, Miami HIT!
Paul Harris Feat. Deborah French - Sing Oh (Wideboys Miami Mix Club Mix)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm back...

Let's skip the nonsense this time around... here are some tracks!!

Remix of the old At Night...
Shake Down
Shakedown - At Night Might Lazky Remix

Electric Police
electric police electrothriller 

WOW! lol

Nice track with VOCALS
Suzanne Palmer
Suzanne Palmer - Big Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

Here's a taste of Miami...

01 Party in miami

Bingo Players
Party Bangers, Beach & Pool Party Music...
Bingo Players & Bodybangers - I Will Follow (Jack West Radio Mix)




Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorry I've been slacking....

Sorry I haven't updated these past two nights... I will be posting some Miami shit very soon. Everyone that knows house music knows that the BIGGEST party is going down in Miami right now, the WMC!! Wish I was there... Im so sad, so I will be posting some Miami WMC hitz! VERY SOON!! Stay tuned

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Jams

Sweet Disposition - Axwell & Dirty South Remix

James Talk & Ridney - West End Girls

David Guetta ft. Chris Willis - Every Time We Touch

Axwell - Tivoli 

Mobbing - Open Legs - Benny Benassi Remix

Why I love HOUSE MUSIC!!!

THIS IS WHY!! This video clip shows the energy of dance music, the power it holds...

Explosive! Swedish Mafia 


I'm super excited!! I finally was able to get a copy of that POPCOP track I've been searching and searching for without any luck until now... so here it is for download!! I don't think many cats have this track so... enjoy it because it's mos def a cruising jam and perfect for the ipod.

Calvin Harris - ( Popcop Glockenspiel Remix )

Setting new industry standards!



Dj Sega @ Moct 03/26

Diplo's right hand man !!
We're getting ready for a HOT summer,
by having HOT DJs this spring!

**** DJ SEGA ****


Still Awake! Story of my life...

Since I'm still awake...wouldn't it be appropriate to use this time wisely and add some more ear candy? I thought so... so let's start with a Dirty Electro Track by,

Mr. Groove ft. Dawn Joseph
Mr. Groove ft. Dawn Joseph - Sometimes Your Better Not Knowing (Dave Ramone vs Thomas Gold Remix)

Dirty w/Vocals

Came across this photo???

Girls who ride on the back of motorbikes are always crazy and
confident because they’re always having their clits stimulated...
nice matching top!! 



Deadmau5 Remix of Calvin Harris - I'm not alone... For you Kenny!!
Listen through its entirety... very well made!! Very smooth, sexy

Sax Bomb
Sax Bomb - Scotty Remix
DA BOMB!! BANGER!! Hard Electro

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Funday, so they say...

Hello, Hope everyone's weekend was as fabulous and exciting as mine. I was throwing down music at Taylor's Lounge last night which is always fun times. Thanks for all those who supported... towards my alcohol abuse!! All those Jameson shots sent my ass into recovery mode. Well I found a SICK ass track today and unfortunately I can't find it for download errrrrr.... but I do have the video :) This song is full of synths and something about lifts me off the ground. I think I played it about 15 times in row ha ha for real when it stops it is like being woke from a pleasant dream... listen for yourself, a remix from POPCOP who I'm beginning to dig more and more, super funky!

Calvin Harris - Im Not Alone Popcop Glockenspiel Remix

Sorry I don't have a download for this track but believe me I will continue to search!! 

Here is another awesome track from POPCOP!! Are you excited? I am check it out..  











Janet Jackson - Rock Wit U (Sound Pushers) 











Flash Republic  

Here is a nice Dirty Electro Track, a few years old but still a rocker!!

Flash Republic - Star ( Thomas Gold Remix )


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time for Banging Electro!!

It is Saturday, the last day of the week so... let's do this hard and let it bang!

Monolythe Feat. Bobby K Dont Break It Lazy Rich Remix
Most Def a big room track 

Pacific & Vandyck
Pacific & Vandyck - Turn Me On (Original Mix)
Nice Electro w/vocals 

Kenny Perez Electro Mix 88.9 Live

1hr Live Mix 88.9 of Banging Electro! Dj Kenny Perez...
88.9 Live Mix Kenny Perez 60mins 

In 2009, Kenny Perez has had the privilege in opening up for The World's premiere DJ acts: Samantha Ronson, DJ Enferno, Cobra Starship, Questlove, Jamie Foxx, DJ Irie, Nick Cannon, LMFAO to name a few.  In 2009 he had the opportunity in remixing tracks for artist such as: Cobra Starship, Chester French, Jonathan Frost and other great talent set to light up the scene for years to come.

Dope Kicks!

Some of you are probably wondering... I thought this was a music blog?? Well it is and what's better then music and fashion? 

First night loading dope tracks on my new blog and just realized it 5:30am... WOW

How the time fly's when your having fun...  

Pet Shop Boys Electro Pop
I love this track... cruising the interstate with the roof open, sun beaming, pushing it to the limit without any worries in sight... AWESOME. If you like Pet Shop Boys, Synth with a taste of Pop... you'll dig this tune. 

*Spring Fashion Roberto Cavalli

Saturday... Night Fever??

Since it is technically Saturday, I figured I'd toss in a little "Duck Sauce" from one of my sought after producers in the industry Armand Van Heldon. This king of the beat machine is one of my long time favorites as a record producer, DJ and remixer whose biggest commercial successes came from his remixes of the 1996 Tori Amos song "Professional Widow" (released on East West Records), which reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1997, and his own track "You Don't Know Me (released on Ffrr Records)," which was Number 1 in the United Kingdom in February 1999 along with  "Bonkers" featuring Dizzee Rascal which reached Number one in the UK singles chart in 2009.
Later in 2009, Van Helden worked with A-Trak to create "Anyway" which was released under the stage name Duck Sauce.

Armand Van Heldon & A-Trak  - Anyway

Great Video!

Saturday Night Fever!!

Freestyle - 1986
Freestyle - It's Automatic

Was just reunited with this song after many years! Oh the memories from this song... from the house parties, breaking and oh the graffiti... shhhh! :) A great classic track that will forever be in my collection. The songs "Don't Stop The Rock" and "It's Automatic" written by: Garfield Baker, Byron Smith of Freestyle are the most notable and considered World Renown Classics. These songs have been re recorded, remixed and sampled dozen upon dozen of times by Dj's and Artist from every corner of the Globe.

I will be uploading a classic house mix from an old friend of whom I slanged his mix tapes back in 92-94... DJ Quickmixx Frankie so be on the look out!!

Laidback Luke

Richard Vission  
Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring LUCIANA 'I Like That'
Such a Jam! 

Richard X Electro Pop
Dragonette Pick Up The Phone (Richard X Radio Version)

Richard X is truly AMAZING! Love ALL his remixes.

Everything this man touches is golden! This is by far the best remix of "Rocket" I have heard.

 Goldfrapp "Rocket" - Richard X Remix

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jam of The Day...

Hello and welcome to my first blog. The track listed below is the first to be uploaded. I will attempt to update my blog daily with down loadable music for your listening pleasure. So here is the first track *drum roll please"...

Sound Of Soho
Sound Of Soho - Take My Love (Sunfreakz Remix)

Title: Take My Love
Label: Heartbreaker
Format: 320 mp3 download
Released: 2 Feb, 2010
Genre: House



Cassette Kids
Cassette Kids - Spin (Russ Chimes Big House Remix) - the 'Big House Remix' by London's electro remix whiz Russ Chimes which is a DJ must-have and the perfect track to get you hyped up for your weekend antics, WHOOT WHOOT! 

Artist: Cassette Kids
Song: Spin (Russ Chimes Big House Remix)
BPM: 128
Genre: Electro House